The Cocaine Trilogy by Roger Busby

The Cocaine Trilogy chronicles police operations to smash an international drugs cartel bent on flooding Britain with Colombian cocaine. The chain of events begin when London gangsters pull off a bullion robbery to finance the drugs deal, but as police move in to thwart their plans suddenly a double murder throws a spanner in the works.

Drawing on an insiders knowledge of police procedure, with Hunter Roger Busby begins a roller coaster ride through the labyrinth of major crime where nothing is quite what it seems.

When the witness in the trial of London’s most notorious gangsters becomes the suspect in a double murder, Met Crime Squad detective Rowley races to Cornwall in a bid to save the case. Rowley must find a flaw in a murder case as the police hierarchy conspires to throw him to the wolves. In a maelstrom of lust, greed and deception, Rowley finds the truth, too late, for the hunter is now the hunted.

Snowman is book two in the Cocaine Trilogy – At a seemingly abandoned farmhouse, an inexperienced woman detective trips a booby-trap wire and is killed instantly. At a secluded house in a german forest, an international criminal is arrested while found in a very compromising position with three prostitutes. On a London roof-top, a British Policeman enters into a blood oath with a Mafia capo.

These three unrelated incidents will soon plunge three policemen from three different countries into the center of the most audacious drug-smuggling operation ever attempted. Their hunt will take them from Hitler’s infamous Eagle’s Nest retreat in the Bavarian Alps to the halls of power in their respective departments. But when they discover the secret of the Snowman, they will be plunged into far more dangerous territory. They will each be forced to come face-to-face with their pasts – where secrets have long ago become nightmares, soon to explode into reality.

Crackshot is the final book in the Cocaine trilogy. From Hunter and Snowman, the story of police attempts to thwart a shadowy drugs cartel moves into the end game as Scotland Yard DS Tony Rowley and NYPD detective Vince Walker plan an elaborate ‘sting’ to trap the traffickers. But as they infiltrate the highest echelons of organised crime, power politics on both sides of the Atlantic intervene – with explosive results! Rattles along at a tremendous pace – The Job

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