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The Betrayed

The Betrayed - Roger Busby

How far would you go for a promotion? How important are your dreams and aspirations above others? What are you willing to sacrifice or more importantly who are you willing to sacrifice to get what you want?

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The Hammer

The Hammer - Roger Busby

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but here’s a free lunchtime read to whet your appetite. Whether you prefer pie or salad, lunch with The Hammer will leave you satisfied. In another bite-size crime story, Roger Busby reveals the hierarchical power games of London’s Metropolitan Police with devastating effect.

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The Chicken Suit

The Chicken Suit - Roger Busby

When you’re about to get the chop in the dog-eat-dog motor trade and the blonde with a brace of sawn-off shotguns in her bag is eyeing up an ’80s muscle car, there’s only one thing left to do – reach for the chicken suit! Another short story from Roger Busby that will have you smiling as the story hatches!

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The Villain

The Villain - Roger Busby

The day the burka bandit hit the King Kebab mini mosque and sparked an international incident, Detective Constable “Metal” Mike Malloy was raiding his brother in law’s scrap yard. It was good solid CID work, the sort he enjoyed, so whenever the stats needed a boost he would borrow a couple of PCs from the relief, a handful of PCSOs and a dog handler for good measure and they would roar down the Old Kent Road in unmarked cars and a couple of vans blues-and-two’s going full blast and turn the place over in fine old style.

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Embedded @ Trafalgar with Nelson’s Navy

Embedded @ Trafalgar with Nelson's Navy

There’s a certain intimacy about the word “embedded.” I don’t know who coined it embedded, part of the action, eyewitness news on the front line. Embedded became a term used by the media and military to describe correspondents who were carried to war.If you want the facts, go to the history books, but if you want to know how it felt to report Trafalgar turn the page and read the log.

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The Dinosaur Tweet

The Dinosaur Tweet - Roger Busby

Bob Bishop was scrolling his Twitter feed when the dinosaur tweet popped up. The moment he spotted the author’s name he couldn’t suppress a guffaw.
“Something tickled your fancy guv’nor?” Lauren glanced up from the adjacent terminal where she was uploading the latest target package onto Crimefighter.

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Sheriff of Tesco

The Sheriff of Tesco - Roger Busby

A chance encounter in a supermarket coffee shop opens old wounds for the ex-Marine and the war widow. Soon they are reliving horrors of death and murder in the Afghan desert, duty and deceit blowing in the wind. Can an icon of crime fiction save them from themselves, or will it be just another case for the Sheriff of Tesco?

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South Bank Blue

South Bank Blue: The Reckoning

When down on his luck used car salesman Charlie Gittings takes a lady for a test drive he’s swept away for a roller coaster crime ride through the streets of South London.

Then there’s old time Met detective Mitch Morgan hunting the brutal killer of a girl washed up from the Thames in a case dubbed by the media “the mermaid murder.”

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When the notorious Brown Bag Bandit is captured in a street shoot out after robbing a New York bank, law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Atlantic seize the opportunity to use him in a last ditch bid to smash The Enterprise, an international drugs cartel bent on flooding Britain with cocaine.

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Revised and updated for the e-reader, Hunter is book one of a trilogy which chronicles police operations to smash an international drugs cartel bent on flooding Britain with Colombian cocaine. The chain of events begin when London gangsters pull off a bullion robbery to finance the drugs deal, but as police move in to thwart their plans suddenly a double murder throws a spanner in the works.

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