Roger Busby

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Month: August 2017

Trafalgar Dispatches

Trafalgar Dispatches - From our own correspondant

What was it like to fight at Trafalgar? How would the modern media report the greatest sea battle of the Georgian era which still resonates today? A victory against all odds which secured the pre-eminence of the Royal Navy and heralded Pax Britannica, Britain’s dominance of the seas for a hundred years; a victory which etched the name of a fallen hero,

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The Cocaine Trilogy

The Cocaine Trilogy by Roger Busby

The Cocaine Trilogy chronicles police operations to smash an international drugs cartel bent on flooding Britain with Colombian cocaine. The chain of events begin when London gangsters pull off a bullion robbery to finance the drugs deal, but as police move in to thwart their plans suddenly a double murder throws a spanner in the works.

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